Project Management

Undertaking property works in one’s own country can be bad enough but trying to do the same in a foreign country with no knowledge of the language and the best tradesmen to use, can be your worst nightmare !

Beyond Biarritz has a reliable and highly-professional group of tradesmen, architects and designers. We can manage your project from A to Z without you even having to leave your office chair or comfortable sofa !

Selection of projects

Why choose us ?

We work for YOU

Every client is different and we want our clients to feel unique. So our services are individually-tailored to meet your needs. Our speciality is client representation at all levels. We introduce you to a variety of trusted service providers to enable the sales and project management processes to run smoothly and we always work for you, defending your best interests at all times.

We go that extra mile

Nothing is too much trouble for us. We want your buying or building experience to be enjoyable, and stress-free. Nothing is set in stone and the unexpected can happen – we won’t abandon you when the jobs are over because that’s when new ones begin !

Passionate about what we do

Our work ethos is all about balancing our passion for work and living the Basque coast lifestyle ! So whichever Beyond Biarritz service you choose to use, you will always be met with a smiling, enthusiastic , energetic and friendly person.