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In 2005 I visited Biarritz with the Munster Rugby team and immediately fell in love with the Basque way of life and the area. With no knowledge of the French rules and regulations or the language it was going to be an impossible task to find and purchase a suitable property. I got very lucky and was introduced to Julia Lloyd of Beyond Biarritz. She explained the process, the market, the options, the pitfalls and risks, before we committed to proceeding with a potential purchase. Julia negotiated the price, organised the bank, guided us through the legals and completed the various administration requirements on our behalf. Having purchased the apartment she organised and oversaw the renovation and refurbishment and we moved into a “new home” in March 2006, on time and on budget.
As it did not suit us to visit Biarritz in July/August, Julia organised the letting of the apartment. This involved vetting potential clients, getting paid up front, meeting and greeting on arrival and looking after them during their stay.
After a few years of great enjoyment over many visits to our apartment, Julia came across a beautiful villa with swimming pool just around the corner in a very private location. Julia got into full gear and negotiated the purchase of the property, completed the legals, organised the bank and carried out all the relevant administration work. On completion there was a very significant renovation/refurbishment project to be carried out. She organised the project spec, estimated the budget cost, the tender documents and went to the market to get the best workmanship done at good value. She oversaw the project and again completed it on time and on budget.
Beyond Biarritz provides three Key Services..

    Find,Purchase and Sale of properties in the Biarritz area.
    Renovation and Refurbishment.
    Rental Management.

We have experienced all three of these with Julia. Always carried out in a very efficient and professional manner. Based on that experience we highly recommend Julia and her Beyond Biarritz team.

  • Pat and Linda O’Rourke

Just over 10 years ago we decided we'd like to buy an apartment in Biarritz and contacting Julia of Beyond Biarritz has proven to be our best decision. Expert help in locating suitable properties, appointing a notaire and guidance through the contract process, including translations eased our concerns at not being on hand ourselves throughout the process.
More vital help was provided in identifying suitable contractors to undertake renovation works and then project managing the process to a more than satisfactory conclusion. And this for several properties that we have bought and sold over the years!
Beyond Biarritz provides a genuine one-stop shop for your buying, selling and up-rating property requirements in Biarritz and beyond. Very highly recommended..

  • Patrick and Jennifer Edwards

I am so grateful to have met Julia. Whilst searching to purchase a property to both live in and set up my business in, I nearly bought a flat that was completely unsuitable. After connecting with Julia, and her wisely advising me to look at other options as well as helping me with any legal obligations involved in opening my business, I found another much more suitable and more appropriate location. The whole process of buying this property was much smoother and simpler once Beyond Biarritz was involved. Without her wealth of knowledge and experience, along with her professionalism, kindness and fantastic negotiation skills, I doubt I would've found a property as fantastic as the one I purchased. Thank you Julia!

  • Zoe Bloom of BloomYoga

We have worked with Julia on a couple of projects. She provides enormous breadth of understanding across all areas of the property scene. We could not have achieved our vision without Julia – her patience and understanding of clients is matched by her attention to detail in sourcing supplies, selecting craftsman and constant monitoring and communication. We would without hesitation recommend Beyond Biarritz to anyone interested in this wonderful area of France.

  • SCI Le Vignau

We have bought three different properties over the years through Beyond Biarritz and there is a reason for doing so. Julia and her team ensured we were looked after every moment of the way. They always go that extra mile and we really felt reassured through every aspect. We refurbished all three properties to a high standard thanks to Julia’s knowledge of local trademen and her excellent management skills. We have completely fallen in love with the Biarritz laidback lifestyle and have also made a fantastic friend – thank you so much Julia!

  • Mark and Olivia Thorn

A few years ago, we were looking for a unique property in the Biarritz area. We were told by numerous agents that our dream house we were looking for didn’t exist. Finding Beyond Biarritz was the solution. They found the property quickly and advised on a strategy to purchase in a competitive, heated market. Today the property is one of the few family homes overlooking Biarritz, central, private but not secluded as requested. They did a great job in finding and securing the property and ultimately negotiating the purchase. A fantastic service highly recommended..

  • Julian Godfrey

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